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Born in London, Orlando Lund grew up in an environment surrounded by interesting artwork, books, sculpture, paintings, music and design. Parental encouragement and influence meant that he never went far without a sketchbook...

In 1983 he was awarded an art scholarship to Stowe School where he explored a wide range of visual media including charcoal, pen & ink, oils, sculpture, watercolours, acrylics, etching, photography, screen printing, stage design, and pastels. He became an accomplished draughtsman with a keen eye for a good composition. At the same time Orlando became very interested in composing and creating music, and, wherever possible combining music and art.

On leaving school Orlando gradually immersed himself in a music career, and from 1990 to 2000 became a published songwriter with Virgin Music, and a multi-instrumentalist / lead guitarist band leader of 'The Big Cheese All Stars', with whom he became a regular booking at world class venues like Ronnie Scott's, The Jazz Café, The Forum, The 100 Club, and London's Barbican Centre. As well as performing in many European cities on tours and at summer festivals, Orlando became an experienced songwriter, arranger and music producer.

During the mid nineties Orlando's artistic skills teamed him up with renowned graphic designer Storm Thorgerson of Hipgnosis, at a time when Pink Floyd needed accomplished, imaginative artists to bring to life their surreal film backdrops for their world tour. Simultaneously he studied computer graphics at the London College of Printing.

In 2010, Orlando's painting 'Atomic Dog' was used as the main publicity piece for the bi-annual 'AAF' in London. His animal paintings combine strong colours, popular song lyrics, and physically impressive beasts into a signature contemporary graphic artform.

In 2013 Orlando co-wrote, produced and released an album of 10 original songs under the name 'Palma Groove Project'. He designed and produced the band logo as well as all the artwork for the album. In 2019 Orlando co-wrote, produced and released the album 'Unicorn Street', as part of a new collaborative project group called 'Spacecake International'. For more information on both Palma Groove Project and Spacecake International, please click the music tab.

Orlando's two main influences - art and music - have come full circle. His painting, graphic artwork and photography show his influences from popular culture and media, and he continues to produce commissions, and to write, perform and record music. One thing remains a constant in these two strands - a commitment to craftsmanship, composition and quality.

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