Orlando ‘The Don’ Lund is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and producer from London.

I began songwriting seriously (and prolifically) in about 1990 when I was signed to Virgin Music. I've explored many different genres and incorporated them into my production style. I play a variety of instruments – guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, percussion, vocals.

In 1992, after recording the launch single for Dorado Records Ain't No Fun under the name 'Monkey Business' - and developing a hi-octane taste for soul music and funk music, I formed the famously 'off the wall' soul-funk-jazz collective The Big Cheese All Stars. Our collaborations culminated in 1995 with the release of the seminal double album Prawns. This contained many of my original compositions interpreted by a group of the most influential and talented musicians in the London Soul / Funk / Jazz scene at the time. Although by no means defined by this genre, it's regarded as an Acid Jazz classic with a twist of PFunk and a heavy dose of Soul. Our funky-energetic shows became renowned in London and on the European live circuit, where we played alongside the likes of James Brown, Gil Scott-Heron, Fred Wesley, Roy Ayers and others.

In 2012, I teamed up for the first time with soul-singer-extraordinaire Sheela Gathright. Originally from New York, Sheela's amazing talent runs in the family (she is the daughter of Willie Wright, enigmatic soul artist and songwriter from the 70s, well-known by crate-diggers). By the end of 2013 I had co-written and produced an album of original material with Sheela called "PALMA GROOVE PROJECT". This was released independently in December 2013, and is available on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon etc. The first single "What You Need" reached No.2 in the SoulSpain music chart, garnering much praise - "Sheela's animated, charismatic, and soulful vocal performances light up the album. Her honest lyrics inhabit the groove, and she explores familiar topics with a great sense of humour, humanity and tenderness. The Palma Groove Project album showcases great songwriting, great musicianship, and superb use of melody and vocal harmonies. The album successfully cross-fertilizes funk with elements of pop, blues, jazz, soul, rock and salsa."

Below is the entire Palma Groove Project album as it appears on SoundCloud. Please have a listen. It can be purchased for 7.90 on iTunes. The songs feature Sheela on lead vocals (and myself on everything else). It's a collaboration of songwriting, instrumentation, production, arrangement….and SOUL.

Some artists who I can say definitely influenced and 'moved me' as a writer, musician and producer include: Sly & The Family Stone, Steely Dan, Donny Hathaway, Cameo, ParliamentFunkadelic, Roy Ayers, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Chuck Brown, D’Angelo, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Little Feat, Gil Scott-Heron, Herbie Hancock, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder and many more….

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Orlando Lund playing lead guitar with The Big Cheese All Stars, circa 1994

Orlando playing lead guitar with The Big Cheese All Stars during the recording session for 'Jurassic Pig' at Wessex Studios, London circa 1994.

Palma Groove Project logo

One of a series of Palma Groove Project logo designs by Orlando Lund, 2014.

Palma Groove Project poster - Sheela Gathright and Orlando Lund

Palma Groove Project concert poster by Orlando Lund, 2014.

palma groove project album

Words and music © Orlando Lund / Sheela Gathright


what you need (official video)

Words and music © Orlando Lund / Sheela Gathright. Adam Romeo Guenther (lighting, camera, director); Orlando Lund (editing).


never let go (of the truth)

Words and music Orlando Lund / Sheela Gathright. Orlando Lund (editing).


hovel zombie (the big cheese all stars)