A commission is a worthwhile investment because it's unique. The only barrier is your imagination. You can commission whatever you want - it's entirely your choice! Commissions can be based on sittings, photographs, postcards, original artworks, sketches, digital images, video, and concepts.

If you want to talk to me about a commission, and you'd like to find out about pricing etc, then please contact me either via my Contact page or message me via my Facebook page, and we can discuss your requirements in detail. Remember you are commissioning something which will be unique!

Here are some examples of past commission work (originals on left side, my artwork on right side):


  Shiba Inu painting by Orlando Lund  


  Olive Oyl - painting copy by Orlando Lund  


  Atomic Dog - English Bull Terrier painting by Orlando Lund  


  Luis Cumberlege - portrait by Orlando Lund  



Coco the Poodle - painting by Orlando Lund



  Linkert Attacks cartoon (in the style of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers) by Orlando Lund  



Milo the Burmese cat - painting by Orlando Lund






  Shiba Inu painting by Orlando Lund